Hathcock Sniper School

Meridian, MS

October 1 - 11, 2018

The Meridian, Mississippi Public Safety Training Facility will be hosting the Hathcock Law Enforcement Sniper School from Oct 1- 11, 2018.  Those attending must be full time paid sworn law enforcement officers currently assigned to their departmentís special weapons tactical response team. The class is limited to 24 officers.   The tuition for this 11 day school is $1350.00 per person

This course is directed to officers currently assigned to a law enforcement special response unit and functioning as a rifle marksman.  The classroom includes instruction blocks in safety, training, equipment, marksmanship, concealment, data book and ranging.  The field and practice application areas of instruction are: marksmanship, observation, movement, concealment, ranging and care & cleaning.  The sniper will participate in basic marksmanship exercises at various distances from the target.  In addition, the sniper will fire a series of shooting exercises involving physical exertion and stressful conditions.

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