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Instructor Biographies

Michael Mack, Master Police Officer, Retired

Mike retired from Law Enforcement in 2005 after serving a 33 year career.  He began his police career in1972, working for the United States Capitol Police Department in Washington D.C. until 1974.  That same year he joined the City of Keene New Hampshire Police Department and worked there for four years before joining the Virginia Beach Police department in 1978.  He was assigned to that departments Swat Team from 1984 to 1998 and the Firearms Training Unit until 2005.  He trained with Gunny from 1984 until Gunny passed away in 1999, and has been his assistant instructor since 1987.  Prior to his law enforcement career, Mike served as an infantry machine gunner in Viet Nam in 1969 with the United States Marine Corps.  After retiring from Law Enforcement, Mike served as the Director of Police Training for DynCorp International from 2005 - 2009.

Dan Lackey, Master Police Officer

Dan is a Master Police Officer with the Virginia Beach, Virginia Police Department.  Dan has been a police officer since 1976.  He started his police career with the Norfolk, Virginia Police Department and after three years service joined the Virginia Beach Police Department in 1979.  He served on the departments Swat Team for 15 years and is now assigned to the departments firearms training division as a state certified firearms instructor.  While on the Swat Team he served as a sniper, completing the sniper school at FT. Meade, MD in 1983.  He trained with Carlos Hathcock II from 1984 to 1999 and was Gunnyࡳsistance instructor since 1987.  Dan has taught the annual Carlos N. Hathcock II Sniper schools held in Virginia Beach every year since 1987 and in Waynesboro, MS since 1996 along with other sniper schools and seminars around the country.

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