James C. Denham

October 1951 - June 2015

Tactical Marksmanship Training of America, Inc.

"Dedicated to the skills and expertise taught
and learned on the range"
Carlos N. Hathcock, II

Schedule for 2017

Hathcock Sniper School - Oct 30 - Nov 9, 2017 in Meridian, MS

TMT's Hathcock Sniper School

This school was founded in 1987 by USMC Gysgt Carlos Hathcock II, Michael Mack and Dan Lackey and hosted annually by the Virginia Beach, Virginia Police Department and other departments around the country.  J.C. Denham joined the training team as the fourth instructor in 1994.  On February 23, 1999 the sniper community suffered a great loss when Gunny passed away due to complications from multiple sclerosis and again in June 2015 when JC passed away.  The school and its traditions continue in their honor.

This training is designed for new and experienced law enforcement snipers.

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Hathcock Sniper Coin

Recent School's

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2007 North American Sniper Championship

Advanced Sniper Course - Meridian, MS  May 2007

Orange County, FL - Feb 2007

Meridian, MS Oct 2006

Advanced Sniper Course - Meridian, MS July 2006

Meridian, MS April 2006

Orange County, FL Jan 2006

Virginia Beach, VA Sept 2005 

Orange County, FL Jan 2005

Meridian, MS Nov 29, 2004

1st Annual Hathcock Sniper Challenge 2004 


Our training is dedicated to the memory of Carlos N. Hathcock, II 

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